Nonprofit & Foreign LLP Annual Registration Refund

This website is dedicated to determining eligibility for nonprofit and foreign LLP entities impacted by the HB 1055 database programming error. If you are requesting any other type of refund, please proceed to If you need additional information on corporation filings, please visit

If you are a nonprofit corporation or foreign LLP filer, to use the website you will need to provide the control number of the non-profit corporation or foreign limited partnerships to verify the number of annual registration filings eligible for a refund. If a credit card was used to file an annual registration after January 1, 2012 the entity would be eligible to have the entire refund credited to that credit card. If an eligible filing was paid for with a check the entity will receive a refund check made out to the charity. To help reduce the possibility of fraud, credit card refunds will only be issued to the card numbers used after January 1, 2012 and refund checks will only be made payable to the entity and mailed to their principal office address on their most current filing. Only one total credit will be issued per nonprofit corporation or foreign LLP.

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