Check the Status of Your License Application

This is a secure website.  Please ensure that your browser indicates a secure session before proceeding. 
Please Enter the Following Information as Provided on Your Application:


You can determine that encryption is being used and that you are connected to a secure server by looking for two things:

  • A small key or padlock in the status bar on the bottom of your browser indicates that your session is secure and encrypted.  A locked padlock, or a key, indicates a secure connection and an unlocked padlock, or a broken key, indicates an unsecure connection.

  • Another way to verify that your session is secure is to look for https:// in the URL rather than the normal http://. The �s� following http indicates that the session is secure.

When your browser and our server are establishing a secure session they will exchange a secret code. This code is commonly called a session key. This session key is used to encrypt (scramble) all the data that passes between the two computers. Only your browser and our server will have the session key that can decrypt (unscramble) your information.